Sunday, October 01, 2006

Taxi Prices in Seattle

More Taxi!


Nathalie said...

Now in my opinion this is the photo you should have posted in your daily photo, not in the More Stuff section. After all, a car is a car so you don't need to show it in full and I love the way you filled the picture with yellow here. Plus the sun on the back of the driver's neck is brilliant!

Kim said...

Nathalie, you and I think a lot alike! Thanks very much. This was actually my first pick, but my husband and daughter advised otherwise for theme day reasons (this day is not about the fave shot but the representation needed). It is sometimes the case my "best" shot doesn't make it to SDP for one reason or another. . .that's why I have a More Seattle Stuff page. At least I can put it out there. Your kind comments are much appreciated.