Friday, September 21, 2007

A Cuppa Chili at Geraldine's Counter

My dinner partner had a light appitite but gobbled this up after the first "ummm ummm" bight. The Mac & Cheese with jalepenos was really nice. This place reminds me a bit of Rick & Anne's in Berkeley.

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Carol said...

Oh, I love Rick and Anne's in Berkeley! I grew up right there (on Tennel Rd, directly across from the Clarement Hotel) and would often go to the drug store/soda fountain called Bradley's that occupied that space long before it was Rick and Anne's. That's where I first tasted frozen Mllky Way bars. The owner would stash a bunch of Milky Way bars under the heavy round metal lids of the soda fountain freezer so they'd be ready for us when we came in after our school day at John Muir School.

This was, oh -- around 1964 - 1967.