Thursday, November 29, 2007

November 29 View of Needle Adorned with Christmas Tree Lights

The Space Needle decked out for the Christmas season dominates the view of the Seattle skyline on this cold, crisp night. The travel editor from Cooking Light magazine shot me a few interview questions several months ago, which was so nice. Who knew anyone at Cooking Light had reason to peek at my Seattle Daily Photo blog? In the December issue they are featuring Seattle as the number one city in their top 20 cities for healthy living. They were kind enough to mention SDP in the article along with some of my comments. The copy editor refers to Seattle Daily Photo as having several photographers, but it's just little ol' me. They went with Kerry Park lookout as the best photo spot out of the several I suggested and used a couple other things in other parts of the article. Kind of fun. So, here's the postcard view in salute to the editors of Cooking Light for honoring Seattle. Thanks so much!


Carol said...

Ooooh, beautiful!! Can I post this photo on my blog if I credit (and link to) you??


Carol (

Kim said...

Carol, I'm sorry, no. Thanks very much, though.

MK&CC said...

Kim, I knew somebody at Cooking Light read your Seattle Daily Photo Blog--I had the travel editor contact you!

I've always loved your beautiful city. So I stop by the site most every day and have also come to love your eye, your voice, and your point of view.

I'm certain CL readers will feel the same.

Thanks for rounding out the story in your inimitable way. And thanks for your dazzling daily labors on the Seattle Daily Photo Blog. As far as I'm concerned, you can't have too many fans.

Kim said...

mk&cc, I'm flattered beyond words by your kindness. Your gracious and encouraging remarks are sincerely appreciated. Thank you so much, and for visiting SDP.

smilnsigh said...

Fantastic photo!

And congratulations of being found and publicized! That is great!!!

I have to mention your blog to another Net-friend of mine, who hails from your lovely city. :-)