Sunday, March 21, 2010

More Late Night Post Alley Inspection


tapirgal said...

What a place! I found gum all over a street sign post in Seaside, Oregon. I haven't put it online yet. I also didn't realize it was a "thing." I did begin to suspect it was, though :)

Linnea W said...

Thanks for visiting my SWF shot. You're right, I was up your way! In fact, on Friday I was at this very was of course sunny and warm. Check out my Seattle skyline shot on Photoblogista and my tulip festival shots on my other blog Travels with L and Z. I go up to Anacortes several times a year but when I'm there, I usually don't venture south. This time I made a point of stopping over in Seattle on my way to my friend's house in Gig Harbor. Lovely city!